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The way we work and what we do !

Benefit from our expertise

By working together with your Managers, Supervisors, Coordinators and Workers we use our knowledge and experience in the field of Production and Maintenance to help, support, boost and motivate the tough challenge and demand of continuous improvement in the daily operation and in the course of action to reach excellence in the long term perspective. Our structured approach and Key Customer support will add value in your ongoing continuous improvement process and deliver maximum value to you.      


 Rely on a proven process

We use a proven process to speed implementation.  In fact, our method is designed to focus on your Business objectives and Business plans activities. At all times, we concentrate on improvement solutions and implementing them accordingly to work satisfaction and speed. We understand the importance of feed-back and communication of results to everyone involved.

How we get started

A TEAM BUSINESS REVIEW enables us to identify and quantify areas with improvement potential. Bottlenecks and hidden issues. Our idea is not to do “your job” but to help you to improve what you do and to eliminate the “problems” you have.Our presence can, if you want to, cover all steps from initial analysis through to technical realization. But the most frequent projects are a mix of activities carried out by us and by your own employees in a co-ordinated program.

ü  Identifying improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

ü  Roadmap to Lean Maintenance & Production

ü  Analyzing process and criticality

ü  Selecting and planning predictive and preventive maintenance programs

ü  Developing maintenance strategies and concepts to best suit business needs

ü  Optimizing the maintenance organization (working patterns and cultural   obstacles)

ü  Teamwork in between Maintenance and Production

ü  Operators driven inspections

ü  Mapping of Skills, GAP analysis, and overview of needed capabilities

ü  Improving work-order generation, planning and scheduling

ü  Implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

ü  Introducing performance indicators and a continuous improvement process

ü  Developing standard work procedures

ü  Determining a “bottom up” maintenance budget

ü  Analyzing and optimizing spare parts supply

ü  Optimizing documentation and reporting

ü  Analyzing the economical importance of the maintenance department









       Sven Johansson







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