To be the best in your industry:

v  Optimize guiding principles, strategy and tactics to best match the Mill, plant and Factory objectives.

v  Continuous enterprise optimization in every sequence of production line.

v  Uncover limiting core beliefs - Reveal facts behind figures.

v  Analyzing process and criticality.

v  Reveal "hidden conflicts" and change of old fashioned working behavior (performance)


Teambuilding and employee satisfaction;

We help you to improve your Do-It-Yourself strategy

v  Make your management team act and work effectively together.

v  Boost your leverage of feedback received from employees.

v  Improve your strategy process and quality of project plans.


Management Support to Lean Maintenance & Production

Make your customers totally satisfied with your products/services !

        Introducing performance indicators and a continuous improvement process

        Mapping of Skills, GAP analysis, and overview of needed capabilities

        Efficient acting and understanding, from input to output

        Identifying improvement in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

        Operators Driven Reliability (Reduce operational deviations)

        Production order efficiency, planning, scheduling, on time delivery

        On-the-job activity and feed-back

        Enforce predictive and preventive maintenance programs

        Developing standard work procedures