SURVEY OF CHANGE, management & employee satisfaction.

The results of the change readiness assessment can be extremely valuable in terms of identifying areas of weakness, and in planning training and rollout, thereby ensuring employee buy-in for new initiatives.

1. Communications / Information Exchange:

How successful was the project team in communicating purpose, details and goals of changes?     [False perceptions which can undermine and slow the entire effort.]

2. Employee Involvement:

Which groups report positive levels of job involvement?    People with higher levels of job involvement often report less concern regarding change than those with lower levels of involvement.

3. Preparation for Change:

Raising confidence in the ability to use new processes or technology can be a very valuable tool in promoting acceptance of change.

4. Attitudes towards Change:

Previously acquired attitudes towards change form the background for new changes and have significant impact on the speed and thoroughness of acceptance.

5. Reaching the Goal:

Are your change initiatives succeeding in the eyes of employees?   Do they know what signs will tell them if they are succeeding at making the desired change?

6. Project Activities:

What are the initial impressions of the new initiative?   On follow-up administrations of the survey, what are later impressions?