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            Mapping &    





Mapping and using cross-functional teams

to become more efficient.


Process Mapping 


Many of today’s most successful companies utilize various types of teams to complete projects, solve problems within the company, and brainstorm fresh, new ideas for the company, among other things. In a cross-functional team, individuals from different backgrounds or departments come together to accomplish a common goal. This type of team is more and more common in companies today because of the great benefits each individual can contribute and the benefits the company can realize. All people have varied opinions, viewpoints, and perspectives, and when one combines these, great things can happen to propel the company forward to success.

To get a view (a picture) on a targeted process











 To stay abreast on product innovation it is necessary to change the traditional way of working, where walls exists in between departments. To get a view (a picture) on a targeted process help companies save on the bottom line by combining individuals from various departments into one cross-functional team. Participants do feel that they offer a competitive advantage especially where speed and close customer contact is valued. In comparison to a traditional organizational development, a cross-functional team includes people outside the functional unit, who are interdependently related in the successful accomplishment of a given task. To stay competitive in a global market it is important to use knowledge and information efficiently to solve problems that impact multiple parts of an organization, to improve a work process that crosses organizational lines, and to accomplish a task that requires a breadth of knowledge, skills and experience.


Cross-functional information from Social Media to Product improvement.

What are people saying about you on social media, on blogs and forums, in comments on news articles about your company?


Sometimes your customers need to get in touch with your company. In the past this communication was restricted to letters, emails or telephone. Now there’s also Twitter and Facebook and let there be no doubt - people will try to get in touch.

The big advantage with social media is that you can easily track people’s opinionsabout your products,as well as the results it has on your sales and reputation. Sending valuable information direct into your product development process.

To be able to use this “new” information in an efficient way you may consider reviewing your current way of working. What kind of methods is used to form a good market responding Manufacturing Team ?

Think of it as another way of working.










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